As keen gardeners we are conscious of our responsibility to maintain a healthy environment for people, plants and animals.   We try to take this responsibility seriously by:

  • Choosing to be wise with water:  We are continuing to improve the range of tubs by choosing those that have water retaining reservoirs.  This reduces the need to water tubs on a daily basis.  We add water retaining gel to help hold the water in the soil.
  • Choosing to be peat free: The tubs are refreshed each year using soil conditioner donated by a local waste recycling group.  We buy peat free compost to grow our plug plants on.  Where we can influence local suppliers we ask that they too use peat free compost.
  • Choice of plants: We try to choose bulbs which will naturalise, or can be reused.  Where bedding plants can be saved over winter either for reuse in the tubs or in the larger beds we do so.  The larger beds are planted with a mix of perennials, biennials and shrubs, with bedding only being used to provide splashes of summer colour.  Our choice of perennials and shrubs is aimed to provide structure in winter and colour throughout the year as best we can.
  • Bee friendly: Each tub will contain at least one plant which is bee friendly, often a lot more.  Our choice of planting in the larger beds ensures that we have pollination friendly plants for as much as the year as possible.